Thursday, March 19, 2015

PSGC Plein Air Day at the King Gilette Ranch

What art offers is space ~
A certain breathing room for the spirit.
~John Updike

Santa Monica Mountains by Lynn Simon

Last fall Pastel Society of the Gold Coast had a wonderful day of plein air at The King Gillette Ranch, in the Santa Monica Mountains. What a beautiful place to create art and spend the day!

Above, a view from a little hike, down to the Ranch below.

The artists scouted the beautiful ranch, taking photos and getting inspiration for an afternoon of creating art! The morning was beautiful but windy, but it all worked out, as the afternoon was lovely and perfect for plein air.

After some visiting and an early lunch, they settled into their locations ...
Below, Lori found a beautiful spot!

Donna Vis' lovely view of the bridge ...

And a wonderful, colorful path by Nelda Gruenthal ...

A watercolor underpainting of the old 1920s stables (now visitors center) by Lucinda Keller ...

And then, pastels over the top!

Below, Donna Vis, Patrish Kuebler, Emily Goldfield, Lynn Simon, Lori Corradi, and Nelda Gruenthal. What fun!

For more information on the King Gillette Ranch, please click here.
For information about the visitors center, click here.

If one really loves nature,
on can find beauty everywhere.
~Vincent van Gogh