Sunday, September 1, 2013

New Series: What Art did you do this Summer? Part 1 ~ Provence

Donna Vis's Summer Vacation - Part I
Lavender Fields in Provence. Sault, France.
Do you remember back-to-school in elementary grades when your teacher asked "What did you do over the Summer?" We usually spent the first day doing a project that covered this subject.

So today I'm going to share with you my design inspirations over the summer. Some ended up in finished art, some as beautiful photos for future work.
Here is the beginning of a few posts to come.
I have ALWAYS wanted to paint the rows of lavender in Provence. A month ago, that's what I did!
And, I took a million photographs to reference for future studio work.
That's me!

Should I paint the scene vertically?

Or should I go horizontal? (After drinking French hard cider I went horizontal back at the farmhouse!)

I chose this scene for my field then I only had about 2 hours left of good light.

Here is my set-up! I just couldn't grow an arm long enough to photograph myself working alone!
For the trip I bought a new Heilman box, their smaller easel and a very good, lightweight tripod that is wonderfully easy to use.
I borrowed the umbrella. Usually I have the umbrella separate from my box because I don't want everything to fly away with a gust of wind.
The weather cooperated. What a day!

This is where I left it. No sun left!

But look at this beautiful sky!

Next post, a glimpse at our French farmhouse - where I was stung by wasps... at my easel!
Until then, all my best.
Donna Vis

Some spots are the cradle of genius.
Provence is one.
~Lawrence Durrell, 1959