Friday, October 11, 2013

What Art Did You Do This Summer ~ Part 2 Donna Vis

What Art Did You Do This Summer – continued

We rented a farmhouse in Provence, France. There were 13 of us together for one week, so I was able to have some time to paint in between meals!

The farmhouse itself was very old and full of interesting details. I enjoyed this view of the hot pink Oleander against the old rock walls and bright blue shutters. I was able to ignore the satellite dish.

Did I mention it was HOT outside?

         Look carefully at the next photo. See the hand bell in the niche?  
Well, it was dinner time, so with pastel dust on my fingers, I picked it up and began to swing it back and forth to call the gang to eat.  Little did I know there was a hornet’s nest inside.

I tried to run, but let’s face it, I’m a lot slower than an angry insect. So with bell in hand, still swinging of course, two hornets came straight at me… I’ve never been stung by a hornet before, have you?  Or in this case stung by two hornets…

The next photo shows where I left the painting for the night.

I enjoyed my dinner with a glass of French wine (for medicinal purposes of course) and ice on my swollen skin.

Here is the finished field study. What I love about painting in plein air is being able to convey the feeling of the day in the the art. Can you tell it was HOT?

 Thanks for this great post Donna! 

Creativity takes courage.
~ Henri Matisse